About Vincent

Vincent Burkhead is an innovative and dynamic contemporary artist, known for his surrealist semi-abstract stream-of-consciousness style. His paintings are characterized by vibrant colors and fluid forms, which draw the viewer into the work and invite them to explore its hidden depths.

Using the surrealist technique of employing pareidolia, Vincent creates captivating works that delve into the complexities of the human mind. It is defined as a psychological phenomenon that causes people to see patterns in a random stimulus. This often leads to people assigning human characteristics to objects or random shapes. Through this work, Vincent seeks to delve deeper into the mysteries of consciousness and gain a greater understanding of himself and the world around him.

Vincent’s paintings are filled with subtle playful nuances and hidden meanings, which challenge the viewer to question their own assumptions and explore new perspectives. He hopes others may be introduced to a new part of themselves, discovering their own stories by viewing his body of work and understanding the surrealist practice of pareidolia.

Why do I create? As each of us is our own greatest mystery, self-discovery is my ultimate goal. You can discover what your soul is made of by letting go of perfectionism, of outcome, of ego, and simply create.

Musings of a Vincent

Vincent is an introverted extrovert, and enjoys brainstorming with other homo sapiens that are much smarter than him. He wishes he could travel 100,000 years into the future to see how our beautiful earth has fared.

He has an almost unhealthy interest in the UAP phenomenon. He is excited about the congressional hearings on UAP, hoping it eventually leads to full disclosure, It should be noted that he has mad respect for both Dr. Steven Greer, and Luis Elizondo in equal measure.

He loves the game of no limit Texas hold-em poker. His favorite poker superstars are Phil Ivey, Stu Ungar, Tom Dwan, Daniel Negreanu, Phil Hellmuth, Antonio Esfandiari, Doug Polk, and Phil Laak, Doyal Brunson, RIP Texas Dolly.

Vincent lost his wife of 31 years to breast cancer in 2018. This experience created new pathways of understanding, and a reprioritization on how he spends his remaining time. He has realized each of us are on our own soul journeys, and this life on this floating rock is but one chapter in a much much longer journey, and he takes great comfort in this knowledge. He loves to say ‘evolve or perish’ with a smirk, and is fascinated with NDE Hospice stories.

He is eternally grateful for the interesting, supportive, and diverse tribe of family and friends he has in his world. He recently sold 13 pieces at his first solo show by converting his home into an art gallery, and the event was happily well received by 68 of his friends.

Vincent wrote this in 3rd person to appear more established, when he is a mid-career artist at best. He would like you to buy his art and share with your family and friends, but only if his work moves you in ways other art does not.

Thank you for visiting my website today.
Your time and interest in my art is much appreciated. 🙂

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