El Conejo Verde

Digital Painting Reproduction
12″ x 18″ – 32″ x 48″, 2023.
Fine Art Print or Framed Canvas.
This Artwork is included in the Narratives Collection.

The Story of The Rabbit
A dark and eerie dreamscape grips our Rabbit spirit animal, she faces a chilling stare, a menacing robotic invader, and a haunting vision. Though she is initially gripped by mind bending fear, she summons her natural optimism to gain control of her emotions and racing thoughts. In the end, she takes back her power from fear, and reclaimed her natural state of peace and calm by simply believing she could. The story of our brave little Conejo is a poignant reminder to let go of our anxieties and embrace our strength within. If a widdle bunny wabbit can be courageous, so too can we mere homo sapiens. Don’t let fear win! Be the Rabbit.

Artist Inspiration
I crafted this piece by using the Surrealist practice of Pareidolia. I create without judgement as I find inspiration from the patterns I discover in my abstract paintings. The imagery of a little Rabbit emerged and spoke to me, and I developed a narrative to support what I was seeing. Suddenly El Conejo was born! Yet in reality, and what I love most about this collection, is that this surreal piece can be anything the viewer perceives. If you see a different narrative, based on your experiences and perceptions, then that’s the most genuine instance of Art forming a unique 1 to 1 bond with each observer, and I’ve done my job as an artist. I hope you enjoy The Rabbit, or whatever it communicates to you, as much as I did creating it.

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Print Reproductions
All artwork is hand signed, dated, with the edition number, and comes with a dated and signed certificate of authenticity.
Product Details:
Fine Art Prints – We use premium archival giclée pigments printed on metallic Lux paper stock.
Framed Canvas – 2” deep Black Float frame, with bumper corners and hanging hardware.
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